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Record iTunes Radio - iTunes Download Radio Free

free record itunes radioWithin the newly released streaming audio service on iTunes, more and more people tend to switch to this fresh radio station from some old ones. This featured music station provides songs from iTunes store and integrates Siri on iOS. Just like other radio stations, iTunes Radio is free for iTunes users but also has advertisements. Now you can install the app on iPhone, iPod, iPad or Apple TV. By doing so, you're able to access to more than 200 genres from various resources. iTunes Radio has personalized settings too - the more you use this service, the more it's likely to recommend the songs for your needs. Moreover, you can play the songs on your own rules by building up your station from marked songs that amuse your ears. Within such unparallel advantages, iTunes Radio will soon become a part of music entertainment for many people. However, do you ever think about moving your music station offline so as to enjoy music at any place you want? After spending some time on researching the solutions for broadening my music collections, this one proves to be the best so far.

iTunes Radio Recorder - Best Approach

Since this is a streaming service, you're able to record just any sounds come from web browser by using this tool. And to start, take a free trial from the above buttons, and then install the version that's compatible with your system. You will be taken to the main interface as illustrated below when it's done.

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As you could see, there's a "Record" icon on the top-left of interface for you to store the songs. And you will find the recorded songs in a list under "Library" and sorted out in categories. Now you can take the track to your library.

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1. Hit the "Record" button to start recording (make sure there's no interference).

2. And then, go to your iTunes music station and navigate to your favorite song.

3. Resume to interface of this program, press the "Record" icon when the song is over and then you can find it under "Library". You may repeat this process to get as many songs as you like.

4. In library pane, check the list for detailed info of the recorded song(s) and you will be surprised to find that you can make ringtone from these music files (Just hit "bell" icon to create ringtone).

5. When you're done, don't forget to click "Transfer to iTunes" at the bottom and move your songs to portable players. Now you're able to enjoy the songs at anytime without limitations of Internet.

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