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Download Songza Music from Internet

As a free music streaming service, Songza features fabulous playlists created by insiders and presents them to users in accordance to their mood, activity or time of day. Also, Songza provides music based on themes, eras and interests, too. No matter you're working, relaxing, attending a party or just wondering something to do, Songza claims to give the best songs for different occasions. Since 2012, Songza released a new app called Music Concierge for iPhone, iPod and the web. This app brought much convenience for users to enjoy music on the way and quickly ranked in the top popular app on iTunes on June 12, 2012. The series of success have escalated the social rank of Songza among the music radio stations and made it widely used by USA and CA users (Now only available for these two countries).


No matter you have been using this audio streaming service for some days or just new to it, you may wonder how to enrich your own music collections by the resources on Songza. Such thing is not easy to achieve for the music service does not have download options for users. In order to overcome the limitation, you may look for a third-party tool which can be used as Songza music downloader in this scenario. If you're willing to flexibly choose and bring the songs on Songza with you, and also easily play them cross platforms without Internet, then the guide below will work it out for you in minutes.

Record and Download Music from Songza

To start with this program, take a free trial at first and then setup it to your computer. You will forward to the main interface as illustrated (Here we take Win version for instance to demonstrate the process, but Mac users can also refer to it because the interface is identical). Make sure you have turn off all other programs which may cause interference to music recording before moving to next step.

banner of music recorderdownload macget win version

Now you can click "Record" icon to get started, and then go to stream music on Songza and navigate to the stuffs you like. The sounds will be recorded in real time and you can click "Record" again when it's over. Resume to the interface, your song will be listed in the music library of Songza Music Recorder, just click "All Recording" under "Library".

interface of streaming music recorder

Repeat this step to get as many songs as you wish and check them out in the same place (The program can sniff and locate the info of songs from Internet for displaying in the list). Double click on a song file to play it inside the program. By checking "Add to iTunes"at the bottom, you can sync the music to iTunes automatically. Also, you can hit the "bell"icon in the same row of a song to make it as ringtone. That's all, enjoy.

recording streaming music

Tips: You can right-click on a sound track in library and select "Open in folder"to locate to the file directory.

Songza Music Downloader and Converter
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