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Video2Mp3 Downloader - Advanced Desktop Version

video2mp3 convertvideo2mp3 is an essential tool for converting the video to audio songs so that the people could enjoy it on their iPod or the mobile phones. If you are downloading the video songs from the different sites around the internet, you can convert files into mp3 formats that could be copied on to the various devices. The loss to the audio quality is zero and the download is at a lightning fast speed.

Video2mp3 converts video to mp3 and is the ultimate solution for resolving the issues while transforming the images into audio files. If you are downloading videos from YouTube, they are generally available in the FLV which do not work for many devices in a proper manner. The application can resolve the problem in an impeccable manner and convert the YouTube videos in a single package.

Video2mp3 Downloader free plays an important role in supporting the downloading of videos from more than 100 sites. Once the video is converted into the MP3 format, it can be directly played on the iPad, iPod or other removable devices. With the help of the application it is possible to transform the video into different formats through a single click. Similarly the software is quite capable and can handle AVI, FLV, MOV and MP4 format.


1. Flash Video to MP3 (Best for Windows and Mac)

2. Turn Video to MP3 on Windows (Accurate)

3. Online Video Converter for Win/Mac (Simple)

I. Video2MP3 for Win/Mac

video2mp3 download for macget parallel mac versionget a trial for free on windows

Key Features

- Intuitive interface and clear settings for users to quickly turn local/web videos to MP3.

- Download a handful of videos and turn them into MP3 or other formats at once.

- Built-in converter for turning local or downloaded media files to desired formats.

Win/Mac users can get a free trial from the above button and enjoy using it on your system. Below is the instructions for you to work it out in even faster way.

Note: Both Win and Mac users can refer to it.

Step 1 Download Streaming Video Files on Mac

After installing the program entirely on your system, you can then surf videos on your browser and you will see a "Download"icon appears on top-right when hovering your mouse over the video.

grab videos for mac

Select a resolution (provided by the specific video) you want and clicking on that to add the playing video to download queue. You may repeat this step to add as many clips as you want. After that, You can check the download status by pressing "Downloading"menu on left-side of the interface:

files in progress

Step 2 Convert Video 2 MP3 on Mac

Once done, you can forward to "Downloaded" menu, right-click on a finished video clip and select "open the downloaded folder" to get all of them in your local directory. Since these video files are in FLV format, you have to convert them to MP3 for lisening with your portable player. To do so, also select a video clip and hit "Convert" and you will forward to the panel of output formats (As shown in the 2nd image below).

convert streaming videos on mac

outputs for apple

From here you can choose video formats that are compatible with Apple devices (Select the thumbnail of your specific model), or MP3 format which is compatible with almost all multimedia devices (Go to "Audio" - "MP3"). Click "Ok" on bottom-right to start conversion. Give it a few minutes and you will get a freshly converting video/audio file. This way lets you convert as many videos as you want to MP3 for playing anywhere with no limitations.

After all, Video2mp3 free download convert is an amazing tool because there are no limits on the conversions and downloads. Cutting edge burst technology is incorporated into the system so that conversions could take place without any hassles. Video2mp3 software is the perfect solution for the users who want to listen to the songs while they are one the move. Moreover all the songs could be downloaded at no cost on the I Pad. Application in the window can be separately downloaded and installed.

II. Video2Mp3 for Windows Only

windows banner of downloader take a free trial version for win

Video2mp3 youtube to mp3 exists for windows as well as Mac version. Once the application is downloaded it can handle multiple requests for converting the videos into audio files. Due to the multithreaded feature, it is preferred by the people all the world over. By using the multi processing features of the CPU, it can transform simultaneous conversions in to different formats, capable of converting MP3 from web videos and media files in your hard drive. It will make the whole conversion process faster as compared to the traditional ones. Speed would depend on the power as well as quality of the computer.

Screenshot 1. Main Interface

interface of program

Screenshot 2. Detect and Grab Video Streams

detect and grab videos

Screenshot 3. Convert Downloaded Videos to MP3

convert video clips to mp3

III. Video2MP3 Online

If you prefer not to use software solutions, you can also opt to free web-based applications. In this part we will recommend a few of them, helping you convert audio from flash videos in minutes.

Option 1. ListentoYouTube

logo of listentoyoutube

"Not just watch YouTube, but also listen to it" - just as the site's slogan suggests, it provides really simple but straightforward function for converting YouTube clips to MP3. There's no need to signin or pay, just search its name in Google and you can visit the site. In order to use the app on webpage, just give it a link to a clip with your favorite song and it will get you the audio in MP3. However, the limit is also apperant - it only supports YouTube which may not cover all stuff you need.

Opton 2. OnlineConvert

banner of onlineconvert

This is another reknown site that provides free video converter and downloader. Though it features a simple banner, it's quite a robust media conversion solution. To begin using it, you just need to visit audio.online-convert.com/convert-to-mp3, enter the URL of target video online (Not limited to YouTube), and then hit the "Convert File" in the bottom. You're also given the options to configure the audio settings, too.

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