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Keepvid Alternative for Win and Mac

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1. About Keepvid

2. Why Choose Alternative to Keepvid

3. Alternative Better Solutions

I. About Keepvid

The Keepvid.com is a fantastic video downloader which enables YouTube users to grab the desired video clips and save them to local drive. Despite YouTube, this online video downloader also supports a few more online video sites like Google Video, Facebook, Metacafe and so on.


Keepvid Software Desktop Version

Keepvid provides a desktop version for downloading all of your favorite videos shared online. While there is range of software available that can do the same task, Keepvid is the one of the most preferred choices because it is free and works with almost all video sharing sites over the internet. Keepvid started as an online utility until a desktop version of it was released.

Obtaining the Keepvid software is easy. Simply download the installer from the official site and run it on your computer. The desktop version works several notches better than online Keepvid. For one thing, it allows users to download multiple videos all at the same time. And these videos can be converted in batches as well. The desktop version can definitely make downloading a handful of videos a quick and easy task.

II. Why Choose Keepvid Alternative?

1. Incompatible with Mac Systems

However, one of its major drawbacks is the fact that it won’t work with a Macintosh computer. The online version mainly works on a Windows machine as it requires the Microsoft.Net framework. To make it work for a Mac, the desktop version has to be fully downloaded. However, it will only work on OS X, mainly Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, and Snow Leopard. Another drawback is the fact that users would have to pay if they want the convert feature activated. While Keepvid is technically free to download and use, but converter feature is considered as a premium add-on.

2. Java Installation Required First

Some people may not appreciate the requirement of Java installation when you first use KeepVid. People who use of the Google Chrome browser will not be able to use it at all. KeepVid requires that Java in order to access the video URLs you are interested in. Installing Java is not a problem for most computer users and many will already have it installed. However, some people have security concerns and do not want to install extra programs.

Getting and using the proper Java program may cause you headaches as well. Sometimes, KeepVid will say that it is not installed even if you have already done it. It is possible to not get the proper installation version as well. You are also limited in the type of browser you can use to access KeepVid the cause of the usage of Java. Firefox and Internet Explorer are your best bets.

3. Advertisement Overload

KeepVid also hosts quite a large number of advertisements. You may accidentally click on a download or play link that actually opens up other sites or popup ads. The only way to get an added free experience is to pay for it.

4. KeepVid Does Not Include your Favorite Sites

If you have a particular website you like to get your videos from, it is important to check the list of acceptable sites that KeepVid can access. It does work with most of the popular ones like YouTube, Blip.tv, Dailymotion, Collegehumor, Photobucket and Funnyjunk. If you do not find your favorite sharing site on the list, you could still try KeepVid to see if it will work. Of course, you always have the option to use other free video download programs and a web sites.

III. keepvid Alternatives

As an alternative to Keepvid, the video downloader  works in more convenient and powerful ways (It has both Win and Mac editions).

banner of programkeepvid alternative download mac download keepvid alternative win download

- Provide easy ways to download videos either with URL or by clicking a download icon on the playback window.

- Proceed the downloads of up to 12 video clips at the same time and let you control over the progress.

- Turn finished videos to any formats selected from the profile list (MP3, MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, etc).

- More valuable functions for you to explore.

Users who don't want to install plug-ins or ads to their browsers, you can choose the recommended software which is one of the best Keepvid alternatives. In details, this program features video downloader, media converter and also flash player to work through the whole process for YouTube entertainment. It lets you download videos from a wide range of thousands of sites. Once you have downloaded a video clip, you can use the built-in player to check it instantly and sync it with iTunes and other portable players. Here we will take the Mac version as an example to demonstrate the guide as below.

User Guide of Alternative to Keepvid Mac

To start, you just need to install this program and activate it, it will automatically appear on your disk-tray and web browsers. Play a YouTube video on your web browser and it will remind you to download directly, you may repeat this process for multiple times for adding batch video files into queue. When the downloading is done, play YouTube videos with built-in player and you can convert them inside the program. The ready-to-use presets of output let you sync the downloaded videos with iTunes or export them to iPad, iPod, iPhone and more devices.

keepvid alternative download videos

Moreover, Keepvid alternative also features editing options, making it easy to rotate, clip, trim, decorate or tweak your video clips. So after all, if you're looking for a Keepvid for Mac, then you should not miss this program.

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