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Video URL to AVI for Win & Mac

"I am wondering if there's a converter that will let me take a URL from YouTube, Dailymotion or other sites and convert it to AVI file? I not mean two software for downloading and then converting the videos to AVI... I'm thinking about a program which enables me to insert the URL and it will get video to AVI via URL directly."

There are constantly new videos being posted on video sharing sites like YouTube. Each video has a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) which allows you to locate and view online videos as well as share them with others. You may also be wondering how you can easily download and look at these videos on your mobile phone, iPad, iPod, iPhone, computer, Kindle Fire, PSP or other device. The answer is Video Downloader and Converter. Using this, it is easy to convert URL to AVI format and a number of others from URL.

Summary of Evaluations

I. Best Solution - Video URL Converter for Win

II. Best Solution - Video URL Converter for Mac

III. Simple Solution - Video URL Online Converter

IV. Alternative Solutions

V. How to Play AVI on Mac with Ease

I. URL to AVI Video Converter Software for Windows

This desktop version of Video Downloader lets you easily convert tons of AVI files via URL. It has advanced functions for downloading and converting video clips to a variety of formats in different resolutions. It can detect videos played on your browser and add them to download list in batch. To start with, just take a free trial from the button and then install this program on your Windows (If you're using Mac, please check the next solution).

banner of video download capture free trial for win

Here we have a simple intruction to work you through the whole process.

1. Grab a Video from Web

Once you have done with the installation, activate the program on your desktop, and then go to stream a video on your browser as usual. The built-in "Video Detector"will sniff the video file and add it to download automatically.

detect a video

On the other hand, if you prefer to download a video via URL, then click to turn off the "Video Detector"on the bottom-left of interface. Now you can go to copy the URL address of a chosen video from browser, forward to the interface of program and then paste it into the URL field (as illustrated below). By clicking "Add to Download"on the right side, the video will be added to download successfully. Therefore, you can grab as many videos as you need by repeating this step.

paste url to download

When a video has finished, you can just right click on it in the list and select "Open Folder"to access to it in your local directory. However, such files are still in FLV format, so we have to take one more step to convert them to AVI or any others you like.

2. Convert Video to AVI via URL

Click "Convert"from top menu, hit "Add"on bottom-left to import your downloaded files (It will locate to output folder as default), and then click "Profile"field on the bottom. In the pop-up list of output formats, choose "AVI"and then "Same as Source". After that, indicate an output directory in the bottom. By clicking "Start"at bottom-right, you will get a freshly converted AVI file in minutes. That's it.

convert avi via url

free trial for win

II. URL MP3 Converter for Mac

Video URL Converter for Mac is another useful program with which you can view videos offline from pretty much anywhere. It gives you many ways to convert videos via URL and it is able to convert HD videos from sites like Vimeo, YouTube and others. You can use this application in Safari, Firefox, Chrome and most others. Any video URL of the supported video sites that open in these browsers can easily be converted to AVI format.

url video converter for mac ostake a free trial mac

1. Installation

Download and install this software from the buttons above. Activate the program when the installation completes and you will see a interface as illustrated below.

interface of mac program

2. Access online videos in browser

Video Downloader and Converter gives you three options for downloading video. To open an online video, simply run your preferred web browser, such as Chrome. Play a video on your browser, hover your mouse over the window and then click "Download"which appears above the video clip. You may add as many videos as you like to download queue via this process.

download a playing video

3. Convert Videos to Selected Formats

The video will be downloaded in FLV or MP4 format. After that, just go to the "Downloaded"tab to convert YouTube URL to AVI format (It also works for many other sites like Vimeo, Google Video and more). All the imported and downloaded videos will be there. There's a "Convert"icon to the right of each video, you can click to convert it to the format of your choice.

convert url to avi

A dialog box that allows you to choose the format you want to convert to will appear. Just choose AVI from the Video category, hit "Convert"and wait a few while to get files in your desired formats. That’s it.

III. URL to AVI Video Online Converter

First of all, here's a quick way for you to convert URL to AVI online. By using this on-page application, you can easily save web videos in AVI or other media formats for watching offline.


To start, just copy & paste the URL of video you want into the above field, click "Download" and you will have several output formats to choose from. Go for "AVI" and then click the "Download"icon besides it. In so doing, you could save the video clip in AVI to local drive completely. That's all, please avtivate your Java when using this online downloader.

Note: If the application leads you to a new window with the video playing on your browser, just right-click on it and choose "save link as". You can also save the video in AVI format.

IV. Alternative Ways

For avid online video viewers, the conversion of short clips into a format that is easily played by their system is a must. It is not enough to just be able to download the videos. It is also important to convert them accordingly. Online-Convert.com offers the most functional video URL to AVI online converter.

url video online converter

Simply visit the site to see how easy it is to use this web-based application. The converter allows the user to type or paste the URL of the video to be downloaded and converted into an AVI movie file. But more than just that, the video settings can be pre-determined by the user as well. After pasting the video link, this tool will proceed with the download and conversion process. No need for downloads or plug-ins. The URL to AVI online application will work right from the online servers and through the sbrowser.

As for customization, users can determine the pixel size of the video as well as its quality, bitrate, and frame rate. There is also an option for cutting the video, rotating it, or flipping it to its mirror image. Once the Covert File button is clicked, the whole process starts.

This web-based application works with almost all video sharing sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. It can also handle the conversion of different video files such as MKV, MP4, FLV, MPEG, MOV, and WMV. Additionally, users are given the option to simply upload the AVI file from their computer for conversion purposes, if ever they have already downloaded the video file using a different program. This free-to-use web application works right off the browser and does not require installation. But it does not perform multi-thread process and will cost a lot of time. Therefore, users who need to download loads of videos are recommended to switch to the first solution.

V. How to Play AVI on Mac

avi on mac os x

If you have downloaded Internet videos to AVI on your Mac. You may wonder how to watch it properly with QuickTime. Playing AVI files on a Mac computer is something that you can’t do on a normal day. This is because AVI files are Windows-based files that can’t be immediately read or understood by an Apple computer. To make AVI video files viewable on a Mac, it may be necessary to convert them first. And to convert an AVI file to another format that is readable by the Mac’s native media player Quicktime, a converter software has to be installed on the computer. Still, the best solution is to choose MOV as output formats when using the downloader software as instructed above.

avi encodingWhile many other users will prefer to use an AVI Player for Mac to solve the issue, using a converter software may prove to be more useful. For one, media players are third-party applications that may not necessarily come free. The two most popular AVI players right now are the VLC Player and the MPlayer. Installing these players on a Mac computer may allow the user to view most of the AVI files obtained over the internet. Some users may now also use the new Mac OS X version of the Windows Media Player 9 and the Elmedia Player for watching AVI on Mac. It is just quite interesting to note that Windows has now created a media player that can be used by Macintosh computers.

However, there are times that even these media players can’t view AVI on Mac. If that is the case, then the issue may lie with the codecs. Codecs are used to decode the video, audio, and data files embedded in the AVI format. If this happens, it is necessary for the versions of Intel Corp’s Indeo codec to be present in the computer. This way, users can easily view and appreciate all formats of AVI files available.

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