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Dailymotion to MP4 for Win, Mac and Portable Players

According to statistic, Dailymotion is the second well-known video sites in the world. This site has huge amount of traffic which is merely behind YouTube. On the platform of Dailymotion, you will find video resources categorized in many channels which is similar to YouTube. Moreover, users who like HD video can find what they like here - viewing HD videos at no cost. However, watching videos on desktop is just one way of entertainment which has limitations of places. For those who want to enjoy Dailymotion HD videos on portable players or edit them with personal creativity, you will find the answer in Dailymotion to MP4 converter, which lets you convert online videos to MP4 and more than 100 popular media formats for watching them at anywhere without Internet.


I. Comprehensive Solution for Win/Mac

II. Accurate Video Downloader for Windows Only

III. Free Dailymotion Converter Online (Readily to use on this page)

IV. More Approaches

I. Complete Way - Dailymotion Converter Software for Win/Mac

In order to turn Dailymotion videos to portable file formats for waching smoothly on Mac, iPhone, iPad and other Apple gadgets. Check more key feautres of this tool:

bullet Compatible to many Web Browsers (Download played videos directly): Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.

bullet Download flash videos into 100+ video/audio formats and well preserve them in your disk drive.

mac software free trial for macparallel version for windows free

Note: You may follow the steps below to work it out in minutes (WIndows users can also refer to them - the settings and interface are quite the same as Mac version).

After installing this program on your system, you can feel free to surf any video clips on Dailymotion or other streaming videos sites. Choose a video you liked, hover your mouse over the playback window and then you can see a “Download” button merging at the top-right of the corner. Clicking the button will add the video clip to download queue. You may repeat this step to get as many clips as you need and check the download status of them in program’s interface (Under ‘Downloading’ menu on the left-side).

click to get video

When all things complete, you can click “Downloaded” menu on interface and find videos readily to use in the library. Here you can take a full overview for Dailymotion videos and play them directly.

videos being downloaded

Note: You may also right click on a video clip in the list and choose to view it within the built-in player, or open the local directory used for placing the video files.

convert videos on mac

Also, to convert Dailymotion to MP4 for Mac, you can click “Convert” on the right-side of selected video clip. In the pop-up window of output profiles, choose “MP4” under the category of “Video”, and then click “Ok” to confirm the settings. Moreover, if you want to export Dailymotion for portable players like iPhone, iPad, iPod and other devices, you can go straight to “Apple” category and select an optimized preset for your device. The program will pick up the best solutions for bit rate, resolution, sound volume and other parameters for your specific device model.

export to mac

When you’re done, just hit “Ok” to start conversion and wait a short while to get your preferable videos. Now you can enjoy Dailymotion videos on your smart gadgets at anywhere without limitations of places and Internet.

Note: You can not only convert Dailymotion video to MP4, but just any multimedia format you like. You may choose any one you like in the output window.

II. Complete Way - Dailymotion Software (Win)

The Dailymotion Converter Software is a better and more professional way to get things done. This program provides flexible approaches to download the suffs on Dailymotion and even lets you grab video clips when playing them. It features download manager which allows you to keep adding new video clips. You can pull down up to 12 video clips at once and leave the rest for the program. All video clips will be placed in a local directory indicated by you when they're finished. Now take a few minutes to work through this robust tool.

banner of video download capturetake win program

1. Download Dailymotion Videos (Option 1)

To start, download and install this software from buttons. Launching it on desktop will lead you to the interface as illustrated.

interface of video downloader pro

This Dailymotion MP4 converter gives 2 ways to acquire videos, while the easiest way is to turn on "Video detector"(activated as default) and play your favorite video on web browser. Your video will be automatically downloaded when watching.

detect and download a video

If you prefer manual way, just click to turn off the video dector, go to copy the link of a video clip and then forward to the program. The URL will be added to related field automatically and you just need to click "Add to Download"(You will also be asked to download with lossless quality, medium quality, low quality, etc). In so doing, you can add as many videos as you want to the download queue.

url downloader

Once a video is done, just right click on it in the list and select "Open Folder" to get it in your local drive.

2. Record Dailymotion Videos (Option 2)

You can also pull down the entire video clip by using the screen recorder function. This will record whatever is playing on your screen. In order to do so, click "record screen"on top menu, choose your preferred settings and then click the "start" button.

capture dailymotion videos

You will then see your mouse cursor turns into a crosshair while you can use it to drag an area on the playback window to record it. Hit "Ok" at the button-right of the pop-up and you can start with recording. Once done, just click "Stop" and you will get the recorded video. This method is recommended when you are unable to download video clips as instructed in the previous step.

3. Convert Dailymotion videos to MP4

Go to "Convert"tab, you can simply go through 3 operations to finish the conversion. First, click "Add"to locate to your downloaded files and import them to the program. Second, click the down-arrow in the same row of "Profile"to expand the output list. You can see the output formats categorized into audio, video, devices and more. Here you can choose "MP4"and choose the device which you want to play Dailymotion on (Or keep the origin source).

flash video converter

Note: If you need to sync videos to Apple devices via iTunes, please switch to "Apple". Your videos will be synced to iTunes and readily to transfer automatically.

output profiles

When you're done, just hit "Start"on bottom-right to start the conversion. It only takes a little while for you to get Daiylmotion videos in MP4 format. Don't forget that the program lets you convert videos in batch, so you can utilize this function to finsih as many video clips as you want.

4. Convert any videos to MP4

The strength of this tool is not limited to converting online videos, but just any videos on your computer. Just repeat the process as instructed above to do the trick.

Dailymotion is just one of the video sharing websites where this tool can cope with. It also works seamlessly with all the others. Download films, clips, and even movies straight from any video website and convert them as desired. Queue as many files as you wanted and wait for each of them to download nice and easy. It is also possible to make your video files compatible with a range of mobile devices through the program with just a few clicks.

take win program

III. Simplest Way - Dailymotion MP4 Online Converter

There are many ways to extract videos from Dailymotion’s website and all the others similar to it. And one of the easiest ways is to use the Dailymotion MP4 converter online (on-page application) provided by us below.

dailymotion to mp4 online


You just need to paste the link of your Dailymotion video to the URL field and click "Download". You will be asked to enable Java script on computer if it's your first time using it. Wait a short while for the application to detect your video and you will have several output options including MP4, HD, 3GP, etc. Select MP4, right-click on the "Download"icon besides it and then select "save video as". The downloaded files will be in full-length and decent value without adverts. You will be able to find them in download directory of your browser. That's it.

Note 1: Before downloading the clip, you will be asked to activate Java on your browser (It only reminds once).

Note 2: You can just ignore the adverts of third-party program when downloading, they all require installation.

Note 3: If you cannot see this application appears beneath the image, please hit "F5"on your keyboard to refresh the page and you will get it.

However, the restriction is that this tool can record only one video at a time and you have to repeat the same steps over and over again. If you want to download videos in batch, please look for the next solution.

IV. Alternative Way - Vixy

Online surfers head over to Dailymotion whenever they want to view high quality video clips. Being said that, many users also come to the site with the intention of downloading all the videos that interest them the most. The most preferred way to download Dailymotion movie clips is to use a web application that can do both the downloading and the conversion process for you, right from your browser. Convert Dailymotion to MP4 online through Vixy.net. Vixy.net offers a web app that can facilitate all your online movie clip extraction needs.

interface of vixy

Vixy.net works with DailyMotion and a few more video sharing websites that are popular today such as YouTube, Vevo, and Vimeo. The Vixy Freecorder can download and convert Dailymotion to MP4 online. As a web app, the Vixy Freecoder works as a browser plug-in that allows for a one-click download of all the DailyMotion videos that you want anytime. The app supports Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Aside from MP4, it can also convert MP3, WMV, AVI, and MPEG-4. This compact tool allows for the easiest extraction of videos from flash videos. Simply download and install the web app and users will be well on their way to enjoy the videos that they always wanted, and access them even while on the go. However, if you want a more complete solution which features batch downloading and conversion, please turn back to the best recommendations for Win or Mac.

Discussion: Online Converter or Software Converter?

Online apps do not require installations and go straight to converting files for users, but they usually come with adverts and delay in process. Software usually take some time to learn but they are more likely to be used for batch video clips and also welcomed by media fans.

dailymotion converter softwareIf you're looking for a thorough solution of Dailymotion video converter, nothing beats a download program to give you the freedom to convert video files even without an available internet connection. With the software fully installed on your computer, downloading and converting just about any other video file becomes easier. Plus it can also work as a video converter at the same time.

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