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Can’t wait to download your video clip? While you're reading our site or waiting for the program install, you can use this quick workaround to get the stuff you want. Since the online application only lets you download clips one at a time, the software is recommended for efficient batch downloads, as well as video management.

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In order to assist users with specific issues, here you can find various solutions organized into several categories. You can choose the scenario that suits you best. For example, if you're looking to download a video from Dailymotion, you can look for articles in this category. Also, if you want appropriate software for batch video downloads, please look for documents under the "Platforms" category. Moreover, you can check the "Episodes" category for downloading your favorite TV shows.

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Key Features

download videos in batch

Download more than YouTube Videos

Conveniently get YouTube (Standard &HD) and other Internet videos from wide range of sites, include but not limited to Vimeo, Video Bash, Google Video, Hulu and etc.

plug-in for browsers

Plug-in of Safari, Firefox, Chrome and more

When you play the videos in favorite web browsers, the program can integrate with your browsers, automatically detect videos and pop-up a "Download"button as well as a wizard.

extract audio from youtube

YouTube to MP3 converter and more

This tool is able to convert any Internet videos to MP3, Mp4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MPG and etc. You can also extract background music or sound track from downloaded videos within minutes.

download and convert internet videos

Watch, Download and Convert in a Cycle

Play the videos you like in the browsers, add them to download list, and then convert all of them to desired formats separately. The program supports batch process, too.

outputs for video converter

Optimized Output Presets for Apple Devices

Friendly settings for users who wouldn't want to explore deep into parameters, providing one-click presets for turning videos to iPad, iPod, iPhone and more devices compatible formats.

Extreme Features

download videos in batch

Built-in Player

Cannot play flash files properly with default Win Media Player or QuickTime? No need to worry, just use the flash player which comes with this software.

plug-in for browsers

Download YouTube Playlist in 1 Click

Want to download the entire video list in your subscribed channels or save the album without getting one at a time? Use the playlist download feature to get them at once.

extract audio from youtube

Convet Local Video Files

If you have some video files in local directory, the program works for them too! Simply import such videos via the interface and then you can convert them for iTunes, portable players, etc.

download and convert internet videos

Download Videos by Drag &Drop

Cannot remember the operations as instructed in user guide? Just drag the video URL from browser's address bar to program's interface / dock and you can get it.

outputs for video converter

Free Tech Support

Issues about product functionality, glitches, warranty and so on? Just click "support"to receive full time tech support at no cost - same for both free trial users and paid users.

Additional Features of Video Downloader

Convert FLV Videos to Any Formats

As we all know that most Internet flash videos are in FLV format, so this tool is able to convert any FLV videos to MP3, Mp4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MPG and etc. You can also extract background music or sound track from downloaded videos within minutes.


FLV Playback in Convenient Way

The add-on FLV Player lets users enjoy downloaded videos conveniently. To do so, just go into the inner media library and double click the video you want to play.


Multi-Thread Becomes Easy

You are able to download, play and convert videos in batch, so as to finish a large variety of favorite YouTube videos by once. 


Commerce Download when Loading Videos

As the program is able to integrate with web browser and sniff videos automatically, it will also start downloading when buffering - significantly saving your time on waiting.


Convert FLV for iMovie, FInal Cut and more

For further editing on downloaded videos, this tool makes it quite convenient for turn your source media straightforward to iMovie, FCP and more editor compatible formats, letting you create your masterpiece without hassle.


Simply to use

All things that are necessary to enrich your YouTube entertainment and create your own collections can be done via a few clicks. The video sniffer, smart output presets, inner media library and other intelligent settings will make the process like a breeze.

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